Analogue Servos with iGyro SRS

  • Thank you for your reply Robert.
    With reference to the diagram on page 7 of the iGyro SRS manual:-
    Is receiver # 1 for redundancy and / or to supply power to receiver 2?
    Would not the inputs into the iGyro from both receivers be identical?
    It seems to me that if receiver #2 was powered directly from a power source, there would be no need for receiver#1.. :oops::oops:
    Thank you,

  • Hello,

    power goes to all parts- + and - are in all devices internal connected. Of course: a dual output powersupply you would connect it to receiver 2 and the receiver 1 in order to get abetter connection.
    Both receivers do the same: they both give the signal to the iGyro. The system would work only with receiver 2. In the case page 7 receiver 1 is for redundancy.

  • Hello again Robert.
    I am having difficulty programming my iGyro SRS. I will state that I think that the problem is ME... :oops:
    The problem seems to be with the assignment of the mode switch. I have selected all channels in the input mapping screen.
    The mode switch is on channel 6 and the gain slider on channel 7.
    The set up goes as expected until I get to the flight mode switch screen . It shows as channel 10. The indicated flight mode
    changes between 1-2 and 3 in some sort of regular but unpredictable sequence. This is without moving the flight mode switch, and the same indications occur when any of the flight mode positions are selected on the switch. Sometimes the correct channel will be indicated on the screen, but then changes to 10, 14 or 16, but mostly settles on 10. The indications of flight mode on the unit's home screen fluctuate as well. When any of the joysticks are operated, the FLIGHT MODE indication on screen constantly changes at a faster rate, and the indicated channel also changes with stick movement, showing the correct channel while the stick is moving, and when the sticks are stationary, indicates channel 10. The throttle channel which of course is fed direct from the receiver, indicates channels 10 and 11 as well as the correct channel 3, but always channel 10 when the joystick is stationary.
    All of the above apply to the gain control slider as well, with the incorrect indicated default channel being 10.
    So I seem to have a constantly changing flight mode, even with the switch in the #1 / OFF position, as well as an erratic gain setting.
    I have loaded the latest software into the unit, and have used the 6208 and the 6303 receiver with the same results. Technology and me don't get on very well......I had no difficulties at all setting up my iGyro 3e... Nothing to change of course... :?
    Thank you in anticipation,
    Best wishes,

  • Hello,

    what transmitter is it? Please check if the DG1 and DG2 channels are not mixed to other channels. Check that in the "Functions" menue of the transmitter is only one channel moving when you move the switch. Have a special look to DG1 and DG2

    Also: better use the Setup assistant instead of programming everything manually.