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  • I asked because I am about to use it on a new 100cc model and I want to be sure there are no problems with the version I have before the first flight. If I have a white dot it's good ?.

  • Not yet installed, just bought it to install it in a new model (still in construction). What type of problem should I notice in my Sparkswitch ? Do you have a test procedure that I can follow to verify if it works or not ?
    Moreover, in my personal opinion is not correct that a PB official delear sell an electrconic device that MUST be upgraded to working properly. PB should retire these obsolete version from the market.

    Thanks in advance, regards

  • Hallo,

    Ich habe eine SparkSwitch der auf der Rückseite einen blauen Punkt hat.
    Welche Version ist das? Kann ich den Swtich mit einem DA 60 nutzen oder muss ich in zum Update einschicken?

    Danke und viele Grüße,

  • Hello

    I lost control of my plane using Futaba T18MZ transmitter and R7018SB receiver and PowerBox
    Spark Switch for control de ignition of a DA120, I contacted Futaba service trying to find the problem
    and they suggested me to send the PowerBox Spark Switch back to their service center for an update
    for resolve the problem.

    That is correct?, It is an update for your Spark Switch serial number 218558 with white dot on the bottom?

    Or do you have notice of a problem between Futaba T18MZ transmitter and your Spark Switch?

    Thank you for your help

    Carlos Moises

    Krysta Hunt

    this is the email I receive from them:
    Everything looks good as far as servos, but we suggest you send the Powerbox
    back to their service center for an update.

    We believe it is a free update through them, but we're not 100% sure. We have
    found once that a few modelers have had to do this and once done it greatly
    improves the performance of all the equipment they are using together.

    thank you for your help
    Carlos Moises