Igyro srs with competition and F18 ailerons and tailerons

  • Hi. I am new to PB systems as I use Jeti CB and cortex in my another jet but I want to try new things ..

    I got a f18 with ailerons and elevators. I want to use both ailerons normally and also as flaperons. Then I also want to use elevators as elevons too as they work great in low speed environment.

    How I set up the system by using SRS Competition and SRS igyro? Delta mixer From igyro? Rxs will be rex9 and rsat2 in UDI mode. (I got a spare rsat2 and rex9 rx so thats why the combo)



    Ps. Sw version of the igyro is not valid as I do not have seen the unit yet, its used and coming in the mail..

  • I had to set this thingup as normal wing / tail configuration. Igyro delta mix totally messed tail servo center points and almost stalled tail servo. By selecting normal center points returned to previous position.

    So delta mix did not work as advertised.