Changing rate mode and gain switches without Setup Assistant

  • Several weeks ago I went through the Setup Assistant and had everything just right, so I went ahead and did some servo matching and other fine tuning and all was well. Unless last week when I decided to change a switch for another purpose. I was able to assign the switch to my new function, but could not figure out how to assign the rate mode switch of the iGyro to a new switch/channel on the transmitter. Odd behavior that I couldn't figure out, I went into input mapping and it showed my gain assigned to one channel and the rate switch had no channel assigned. So I set the rate switch to the desired channel, but in doing so it wiped out the channel assigned to the gain function (I chose 2 different channels). It seemed that no matter which I set, the other would become disabled. I was in a rush so rather than try and sort that out I opted to go through the Setup Assistant to let the Mercury detect the channels by the actual switch movement. Of course what I forgot was that doing so resets everything, so now I have to pull servo hatch covers and do over all of my matching, output assignments, etc.

    Anyway the extra work is on me, but for future reference what is the proper way to change rate mode and gain channels after they have been assigned via the setup assistant?

    Will this also have wiped out my gear sequencer setup?