Inspection necessary after failure notice ?

  • Hello,

    I'm a happy user of the Mercury SRS since 1,5 year now and had a strange experience yesterday. After a problem free flying session, I took the fuselage out of the car while it was raining a bit. When I was inside of the house, I noticed a blue light coming from the Mercury and there were also some rain drops on it. I thought I didn't switch it off properly but it was not switched on. When I tried to switch it on, I had a failure notice on the screen (don't remember exactly if "regulator failure" was mentioned).

    Then I disconnected both batteries from the Mercury and dried it with a hair dryer. I have reconnected the batteries a few minutes later and everything is since then working properly.

    Would it be necessary to inspect the Merury before flying again or is there no risk as I the failure notice disappeared ?

    Thank you for the support



  • Hello,

    of course we can check it, maybe in your case there had been rain drops inside? If it is dry again there should be no damage.

    I think you can observe that - if the message comes again we should check it. As the complete powersupply is double, there is no risk to loose power at once!