14sg - disapointing news regarding the sensor

  • Very disappointing that the 14SG is not going to support the PB sensor. Even though I own a Royal SRS with GPS II, I'm not even that interested in the GPS details. Is there a possibility of installing two of these sensors to try and add the telemetry for the second battery?

    Can you somehow help with a workaround to help us non-18MZ radio owners? I think we would settle for capacity and voltage for each battery, current and everything else would be nice but not critical. Is there anything you can help us with? Thank you in advance and happy holidays.


  • Hello,

    I´m sorry actually only voltage and capacity possible for the PowerBox telemetry with this transmitter. We had been told by Futaba that the memory in the FX22 and T14SG is not enough to implement new sensors.
    However, we are in contact with Robbe/Futaba to implement a smaller sensor (8slots) to get PowerBox data also to the smaller transmitters.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you, I appreciate the continued support. It's fantastic news, do you happen to have any time frames? And please let me know if you're interested in any field trials, I'm glad to set it up and test it on my end, I'd pay for the sensor. I'm not looking for a free-bee, just looking to help in the development of a end result.