Sequencer task timing

  • Am using all electronic controls for pneumatic retract system. Have separate tasks for nose gear door and main gear doors as nose gear closes when gear is down. Can the two separate tasks to open the doors start at the same time?

  • I hqave spent the better of today trying to sequence the Tigercat landing gear. Nose gear doors close when gear is down so have two door controllers and one gear controller. Nose gear works fine. Main gear is difficult at best. Have totally redone twice. Doors close before gear retracts and after they extend. Luckily they are not connected to the cylinders. Attached is a spreadsheet of my task settings, maybe someone can see what i am doing wrong. Thanks for looking.

  • Hello,

    what I see: Your timing is very close.

    For Move Down to up: Increase the time for the main gear doors DS2. It´s 11.0s. Make it to 13.0s or more if necessary.

    For Move Up to Down: Looks o.k. there is 1.5s time between door opening and Extending gears.

    From a technical point of view your tasks are o.k.. I think it´s just timing .

  • Hi,

    Spent another day without any progress. Attached a sketch of where we are at. The heavy blue line from the main gear door task shows where task happens even though timing would indicate it should happen where shown. Nose gear doors work fine and the main retract controller works fine, just the main gear door controller. We deleted the functions from the two main door tasks and created new tasks, no help. We tried in the beginning to use the assistant but that used ports we had already assigned. So proceeded manually but am wondering if there are remnants of the assistant setup causing the problem? Top Gun is rapidly approaching so we must resolve this week. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Hello,

    as your tasks are o.k. - I assume that the main gear is not connected to the DS2 output? Maybe the outputs are swapped.

    Or!!: Can you check if you have set an output to the function: GEAR UP - CHANNEL OFF ?? Another guy made this mistake, driving him crazy...

    There are no mistakes known in the software- else the assistant wouldn´t work also.

    I would recommend following to get a fast result:

    1. Use the assistant with Mode 2 - it´s exactly what you need, just swap the front and main doors.
    2. When you are asked to connect the gear valve- adjust it correctly and setup the endpoints.
    3. When you are asked to setup and connect the 1. Front door: connect the Main gear doors and setup the endpoints (only opening and closing)
    4. When you are asked to setup and connect the Right rear door: Connect the nose gear door and setup the endpoints (Moving twice in each retract/extend)
    5. Adjust the timing: Fine Tuning

    You can map the outputs after that to any output you want. I´m sure this is the much quicker way.

  • Would have to route from a PowerBox port that is linked directly to the transmitter channel to the fail safe switch and then from the fail safe switch back to the PowerBox door sequencer and i do not see any way to do that. Would really like to have fail safe. Do not want to land a very expensive airplane on its belly if we do not have to. The props alone are more than $200 per pair. Is there any way to link a port to the input side of the sequencer?

    Thanks for considering.

  • Hi Richard.

    Hey, quick question. I have 1 door, nose wheel door. Nose gear retracts, nose gear door closes, nose gear door opens, nose gear extends, it operates on Mode 1 on the Cockpit SRS. I would like to add a longer delay to nose gear door closing as the delay for door close is a little to short and closes almost immediately once the nose gear clears into fuselage. I know the tasks can be changed in the EXPERT MENU of the SRS, just not sure how/where to lengthen the delay for nose gear door close.

    thank you sir!!!!