iGyro in Mercury vs. iGyro alone

  • Hello!

    I have several planes equipped with iGyro, either alone, or with Powerbox Competition SRS. Perfect! I am now considering to purchase the Mercury device. I looked at the manual in order to find out, if it is just the iGyro combined with Powerbox of Competition/Cockpit class. It seems to be the case, but I see also quite significant differences in operating and software of iGyro.

    In the normal iGyro, there is a separate normal and heading mode with their own gain percentages. In Mercury gyro, there is instead of heading mode %, just attitude assist ON or OFF. Am I correct? Are there any differences in the philosophy how both gyros function or how they are operated? In normal iGyro, using the flight assistant, the default settings are ½ of normal gain for heading gain, plus boost 1. But you can then modify what you want. For example, you can increase the heading gain for all 3 axes, modify boost… So, this is not possible in Mercury? It is not clear just from the manual.

    Moreover, when using the mobile application and Bluetooth adapter in the plane, can I set the Mercury by that completely like by the SensorSwitch? It will be very practical if I can modify iGyro setting completely via this mobile device. It is not clear from the manual, too.

    Thanks for responding!

    Best regards, Jiri

  • Hello,

    yes - in the Mercury is only Attitude Assist (Heading) on or off. We made that because after years of experience we found a good heading gain value which is fix on/fix off now.

    The Mercury also has the Flightmodes and you can make manual settings to each seperate axis.

    With the BlueCom you can update and make servomatching with the Mercury. You cannot setup everything with the BlueCom

  • Great! Thanks for a quick reply and a clear answer.

    But a brief look at the PowerBox Royal showed, that the gyro operation seems to be exactly the same as in iGyro SRS. Is that correct?

    Actually, for my particular application, I would like to have just one device and ideally one external screen, but the gyro characteristics exactly as like iGyro SRS alone.

    Would be the Royal the solution? Despite I do not need so much current, but the weight is not a problem.

    Please, let me know.

    Best regards, Jiri

  • Hello i have identical doubt,

    I need to buy a new power box, and i have now igyro srs with gps 1.

    My doubt is what the best choice for the money, power box competition and use my igyro or powerbox mercury and use my gps 1.

    Can you advise me?