iGyro SRS combination with Jeti Central box switchboard system

  • I am to this forum so not know at all, and I am unly started to understand the different protocols used so please bare over with me if I am wrong in regards to all the bus systems and signal build up.

    My subject has been discussed before in the forum with good inputs from bluelevel and not to forget Richard Deutsch.

    I am flying large scale fixed winged airplanes (jets and war planes) and like the assistance provided by gyros. I switched to Jeti 4 years ago and have been exceptional happy with their system, I have used Cortex for gyro assist and recently tried Jeti's own assist. I have never tried PB iGyro but from what I have heard and have read up on, I am leaning towards this gyro system being the best suited for fixed wing application due to its special "heading mode" activated whit sticks in center and automatic switch to "damping mode" when sticks are off center (brilliant). I have decided I want this gyro system on my next two large scale planes, but my issue is it seem pretty complicated combined with CB200 as its protocol (ExBus/PPM) doesn't support PB protocol (sBus). The only way I can see this work is by using y-wire from Rsat 1 and Rsat 2 (UDI) to connect with both CB200 (R1/R2) and iGyro (S1/S2) (UDI) and then as suggested by bluelevel to split the controlling surfaces servo wires between the iGyro and the CB200 so all communication to the servos comes from the iGyro but the power supply from the CB200, that way safety is kept in case of high current issues from one of the servos. However this seem to be a lot of trouble in wiring, but one still keeps most of the programming in the Jeti system. This solution leaves the iGyro to be powered through the Rsat and considering the Rsat is very restricted in current I would thing the iGyro need a power supply from the CB200? The big question is have anyone tried this solution and willing to give some feed back on pros/cons?

    The above solution leaves a lot of wiring (weight) and mess, which i don't like and always try to minimize for obvious reason, so as my main priority is to get PB's superior iGyro the easy solution would be to switch and use either PB Mercury SRS or PB Royal SRS which would give a clean build as well as the option using Power Bus system for a clean wiring, any input from Jeti central box user who have switched to use PB switch board will be appreciated.


    Claus Henriksen

  • Hello,

    Well received, however I do not like anything between power distribution boxes and servos in case i have a servo issue, is there means in the 3xtra to protect remaining channels in case one would have a high current surge from a failing servo?

  • Hallo,

    ist das Problem mit der Verbindung Igyro und CB200 jetzt nicht gelöst. Ich habe gelesen das die Jeti Empfänger jetzt auch S.Bus können. Dann müsste die Kombination Igyro und Rsat2 funktionieren und die CB200 übernimmt die Verbindung zu den Servos...oder?

    Gruss Andre