powerpak 5.0 x 2 pro smoked

  • Hi Richard

    I was charging this battery inside the airplane and as soon as I connected the charge cable i saw a white smoke come out and I immediately removed the cable, later on I realised that the Mercury also shows Regulator malfunction, So i wanted to understand how would a battery charger can affect the Mercury, ?

    Can i send you this battery along with the mercury to see how and where what went wrong



  • Hey Richard

    Sorry the powerbox pro 5.0x2 packs, there two of these in the airplane, so i connected the first one and we saw smoke, immediately removed the charge cable, the black pin charge cables that is for these packs,

  • Hi

    Sorry for the late reply, Yes it was shocking to us too, after the incident the burnt battery was removed and we turned on the PB mercury it gave the regulator malfunction msg. So yeah can only tell what happened.

    However the package containing the mercury and one PB Battery was sent to Repair address, sometime back along with three other PB with the separate docs specifying the issues.

    Best Regards