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    Hello Richard,

    I have installed powerbox smoke in my 100cc model. I am using Jeti DS 16. I have assigned 2 position switch for pump on and off and have mixed pump with my throttle.

    I am looking for best possible results on low throttle settings so I need help with ideal throttle curve mixing settings.

    Currently I have setup like following which I could understand from the pump manual booklet:-

    7 Point Curve Example

    Point 1: Throttle 0% - Pump -100% (Off position)

    Point 2: Throttle 20% - Pump -60% (Pump ON)

    Point 3: Throttle 40% - Pump -0%

    Point 3: Throttle 60% - Pump -10%

    Point 3: Throttle 80% - Pump -15%

    Point 3: Throttle 90% - Pump -20%

    Point 3: Throttle 100% - Pump -30% (Pump maximum for Gasser)

    Secondly, does powerbox bluemax smoke oil need to be pre heat before going into the muffler?

    Kindly check and let me know.

    Thank you!

    Hello Richard,

    I am going to order DC-24 triple redundant. I shall be using Powerbox Royal SrS with Gyro.

    Please tell me that which 3 receivers I will need to bind two 2.4Ghz and one FM paths and how that shall be achieved? Or it is not possible to bind triple redundancy with PB at the moment?

    Sorry Richard for too many questions :)

    What you think which one is more robust and reliable for reception in RSAT2 VS RSW3?? And can we use both RSW3 if they are better than RSAT2?

    Hello Richard,

    Can we use Jeti Duplex EX R3/RSW 2.4GHz Receiver & RC Switch w/Telemetry with Mercury?
    We shall have to use Jeti Duplex EX Remote 2.4GHz Rsat 2 Receiver w/Telemetry Only? The Transmitter is of course DS-16. Hope the builtin gyro, gps and telemetry will work fine with this setup?


    Thank you Richard as always for the prompt response.

    What I have understood that in DS-24 Triple Redundancy system, we shall be able to use two RF links, One 2.4Ghz and One 900MHZ while using powerbox in between? So the third RF link shall be sitting idle?

    Hello Richard Good Morning,

    I have learned that Jeti is a very reliable system and no problems heard ever so far when using with PowerBox systems. I am seriously considering to switch to Jeti DS-16 from my Futaba 18MZ because in the past I lost my model because of R7008SB while using telemetry and now I am flying without using Telemetry features of the 18MZ because I use a safer receiver 6303 or 6208 as per advised by experts. I always use PB systems with electronics for electrical and RF reception safety.

    However, before I order DS-16. I have few quick queries and shall be grateful if you may answer them briefly.

    1. Since DS-16 has Dual Transmission & Dual Reception System using Dual RF link, so when we connect it to any PB Competition Or Champion Or Royal, do PB use those Dual RF links separately in true manners? Or it works like Futaba systems in which there is One Transmission but Dual Reception systems?

    2. I have heard DC-24 & DS-24 now uses Triple Transmission & Reception Systems (Two 2.4Ghz & One 900Mhz). Is that triple system compatible to Powerboxes at this stage?

    3. How do we connect telemetry to Jeti Receivers while using PB Competition Or Champion Or Royal Srs systems? And what telemetry data we can see on the Transmitter screen? Voltage for how many batteries? Batteries Capacity? Speed & height from PB GPSII? Receivers compatible to Lipo 7.4V?

    4. Do both receivers send telemetry data or a single one? Any PB product to be used to connect PB system and Jeti Receivers?

    5. Possibility of adding telemetry sensors like temperature, rpm, fuel usage etc?

    Best regards,


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    Hello Richard,

    We lost two jets in last three years when we used R 7008SB (Telemetry On/TX 18MZ) with PB Competition SrS.

    After having an advise from you we switched to R6303SB while using same PB Competition SrS and since then we are okay and without any further radio issues. However, we are unable to use Telemetry features.

    Now after reading this thread I wish you to ask you about the reliability of R7003SB while using with PB Royal SrS Or PB Competition SrS and when you switch on the telemetry functions? Can we do that now safely now or still it is less reliable comparing to R6303Sb?


    What do you recommend if we shift to Jeti DS-16 and RSAT2 receivers to use Telemetry features? Which setup is more reliable and fool proof specially when you want to use Telemetry?

    Another Query:-
    Can we use Built-in GPS Telemetry of PB Royal SrS with Futaba R7003SB & Jeti DS-16 RSAT2 systems without any additional sensors?

    Thanks in advance.

    I wish to purchase this product and install in BVM KingCat but the problem I see is that KingCat have dual rudder which have different throws on one direction means one rudder moves less on one end and more on other. How we can install this where we have dual ailerons dual elevators and dual rudder with different throws?

    Hi Richards,

    I am using 2 batteries 7.4Volts with Hight Voltage Receivers and Servos. I have 7.4V SparkSwitch. Can I supply the power to Sparkswitch directly from the Powerbox Competition SrS to save the weight of additional ignition battery? And would that be safe?

    Quote from "Richard Deutsch"


    all in different directions. In case of a carbon fuselage- go outside with them

    What is the best orientation?

    RIGHT/LEFT Wings

    Please share your experience and knowledge. Regards,


    Well I had experienced the same issue. I am using Powerbox Competition SRS version 15. And 2 x R7008SB Receivers which I bought when Futaba released the 18MZ. I had perfect 20 flights till during my last flight right after the taking off my 2 meter futura, it got locked for 3 seconds (for a high speed jet 3 seconds are a lot) however after 3 seconds I got back the controls and I landed the model. Its about 3 months now that I am in confusion and I am not able to fly that particular model again. I have gone through posts here, and I really have no idea how to update the Futaba R7008SB receivers? Now what is the solution?

    1. Going back to old school? Using simple single R6014HS without powerbox and using 2 batteries directly? I do not use telemetry nor I was using it at the time of that bad flight
    2. Update the Competition SRS? Right now it shows version 15
    3. Update R7008? Or sell them and get R6208 non telemetry?

    Need serious help here please.




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