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    Thanks Richard ,

    However been out flying today and even with the gain set at 100 at both gyro and tx , I can't get the elevator or rudder to the point of oscillation , could this be down to the actual throws on the tx or are these redundant when the gyro is in use ? Or could it indicate a change of the frame rate would be needed ? Any help would be great


    Thanks Richard for the quick reply , as you may guess I am very new to using the gyro , I have been trying to find a tutorial or instructions to explain the process of tuning in each of the individual axis via the terminal program , can you point me in the right direction or perhaps give a brief explication of how to do it , I find I need more gain on the elve than on the alieron , how would I achieve increasing the gain on the elevator without increasing the gain on the alieron



    I've just been out to set up the igro3e in my 30cc yak , I am suprised at the gain settings before any ossilition on the ailerons 73% on norm and 91% HH , is it normal that the settings should be this high ?

    Also when I go into the terminal , am I right in thinking that if I set the max on the ailerons as the above , I can use the gain control on the tx to tune the other axis ? As elev could do with more ?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi ,

    I have just purchased an Igyro 3e on setting it up everything appears to working as it should and everything is going in the correct direction both with or without the gyro active , however when I change the mode heading hold / normal , the lights are all green in one direction then they change to orange in the other direction with the exception of the rudder light which stays green ?

    Any help would be appreciated